VISA formalities for Myanmar

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Your passport must be valid at least 6 months after the expected date of your departure from the country. Be sure to find out the specific requirements in your Country.


The obtention of the visa will depend on the passport of the visitor, but for most travellers, an eVisa is obtainable online, so be sure to find out the specific requirements depending on your nationality.  We advise you to get more information on the type of visa you will need on the ministry of foreign affairs website Here or by calling the Myanmar embassy in your country.

Visa Free Travel

Few nationalities will get a visa exemption due to Bilateral visa exemption agreements between Myanmar and their countries. The duration of the stay allowed by the visa exemption will depend on the nationality of the traveller.  Here is the list of the concerned nationalities.

The eVisa

Two types of eVisa are available for Myanmar, a tourist eVisa, and a business eVisa. The price of the tourist eVisa is USD 50$, for a validity of 28 Days within three months of issue. The price for the business eVisa is USD 70$ for a 10 weeks validity. 

Apply for your eVisa here.

Visa on arrival

Few nationalities can get the visa on arrival. As the process and the requirements will depend on your nationality and the purpose of your stay, please find all the information about the visa on arrival on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website Here

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