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Khmer Cuisine, an authentic, divers and simple cuisine.

Having a taste of Cambodian cuisine is like making a time leap, going back to the Kingdom of Angkor, cradle of Khmer civilisation, roots of Cambodian cuisine also called Khmer cuisine. Meals in the Kingdom usually include more than one dish ideally contrasts flavours, textures and temperatures. To get this fusion of tastes, their dishes generally contain edible flowers, spices, plenty of herbs, pickled vegetables, leaves, etc…

Khmer cuisine has been influenced through the years by other countries. From China’s steaming method to Indian curries, Cambodian dishes are now very diversified.

A fusion of tastes and colours

Treat your taste buds with plenty of tastes in one single dish, but not only, Cambodian dishes are also a show for the eyes with the various colours coming from the ingredients used. From red chili to coconut, see and feel the colours.


Few specialities

Baluts: Served as a snack, Baluts are fertilised duck eggs. You will be able to find them all around the country but with a whole chick inside.

Prahok: Fermented fish paste, usually used as a seasoning for stir-fries.

Lok Lak: Served with fried potatoes and egg, the Lok Lak is a sort of stir-fried beef in salt and pepper sauce with lime.

Mee katang: Noodles and served with shredded fish cooked with curry and aromatic plants

During the meal

Usually, Cambodian people drink water or ice tea during their meal. In the countryside, they often end their meal by drinking the “Choum”, a strong alcohol made from rice. 

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