Who we are?

We are a local Vietnamese anglophone agency, with a mission of crafting your holiday while showing the authenticity in the countries you are visiting. With years of experiences, that combine native knowledge of these countries culminates in a truly knowledgeable and authentic approach. We specialise in crafting private tailor-made holidays with high-quality service and honest prices with no hidden costs and taxes. 

HANOI VOYAGES specialises in the crafting of private, tailor-made trips.

in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand

What is our tailor-made travel?

Your Holiday is Unique

Crafted by Local Experts

At Hanoi Voyages, we are your fellow traveler and know that each trip is unique. Our travel experts sketch out your journey, listens to you, and inspire you with our local knowledge and outstanding expertise of our destinations. 


Hand-picked Authentic Experiences

Crafted by Local Experts

Do not miss out on the secret places at the destinations we operate in. With our local knowledge, we know how you escape the crowds and experience the places where the locals go. We will make sure, that you experience places that only a few tourists have, together with a mix of landmarks.


Well-selected Accommodation with Characteristic

Crafted by Local Experts

All our accommodation is local trusted, reputable professionals, and we are known in our industry for our commitment. Enjoy our original hotels and homestays selection with their amazing features.

Preserve Authenticity

Supporting Local Businesses

Travel with Hanoi Voyages and support the preservation of the authenticity in Southeast Asia. Take part in our process that consists of only using locally owned suppliers and support the development of the country we are operating in and the development of local businesses.

Maintain the Authenticity   

We have been acknowledging our social responsibility and our local presence enables us to deal with our suppliers without any intermediaries. This helps preserve the auto development and the authenticity of the countries we operate. Our local suppliers are never compromising

Experience Authenticity

Support our initiative and experience the results of our work, by travelling throughout secret spots like having the best coffee or local food of the city you are visiting. Meet and interact with locals and be inspired by the preserved authenticity of the countries you will be visiting.


  • From the planning to execution, everything was first class. The itinerary, hotels, transfers, transport, and drivers were flawless. Hanoi Voyages arranged a brilliant photographer/guide who stayed with me the entire trip. I’ve taken many tours and many photo tours – this has to be one of the top two. I look forward to using their services again.

    Two Week Photo Tour of Myanmar
    John K
  • I’ve been for 17 days in North and Central Vietnam. It’s been an amazing trip and I’d like to give my best thanks to Hanoi Voyages and especially to Mrs. Thuy Le who was so kind with my group of 10 people. I strongly recommend this agency because they are very professional. If I ever come back to Cambodja, Laos, Myanmar or Thailand I’ll deal with them again.

    A very professional agency
    Andreu R
  • Wonderful trip from north to south. Caring guides. Great job planning my son and my trip through Vietnam and Cambodia. Hotels were wonderful. We would love to come again. Recommend this company. My son was 11 and I am a sole parent-they were fantastic.

    Fantastic holiday with caring people
    Jocelyn G
  • This is one amazing company who have never let me down in any way. They are professional and offer a wonderful service. You will see things that other tour companies simply do not offer and in amazing style – all tour guides are very courteous and professional, vehicles are well maintained and nothing is ever a problem. I have been travelling to Vietnam for well over a decade and would not recommend any one else!

    Amazing Company - Best deals ever



Being born and raised across this land, we are seasoned local experts with more than a decade of experience. We know how to capture and reveal the real authenticity.


We will listen to your desires and keep altering our proposal until it fits from all angles. During your ongoing holiday, we will adapt your trip depending on the unexpected circumstances to ensure the perfect holiday.


Customer satisfaction is a number one priority for Hanoi Voyages team. We will meticulously pick the right components to satisfy your needs and we will keep customise and arrange your trip until we come up with the perfect holiday and play, only once you are satisfied with the trip we will have created for you.


Quality With our own made inspiration tours, our desire is to inspire you, so together we can create your dream holidays. Be enthralled by our passion for each destination.


Responsive, permanently available to ensure you travel with a peace of mind and enjoy a responsive service throughout your trip. Contact us at anytime and we will ensure that everything goes smoothly.

15 years

of expertise and creativity enables us to imagine your trip, as you want it to be

Our philosophy

for those who love Asia, we want to share with you the Asia which occupies such a special place in our hearts

Our motto

to serve your requirements to your utmost satisfaction

Privileged travel

every trip is privileged, because every trip is unique



    English Marketing Intern

    Tran has a passion for increatin his culinary skills especially in the Vietnamese kitchen, where fresh vegetables and rice is the main ingredients. Being an accountant she loves numbers, but no. 9 is her favorite. For her a number represent more than just what the eye see.


    Tour operator

    Nguyen likes to change her scenery often and meet new people along the way. Dealing with our many partners has therefore become a passion of hers. She likes to share the culture in Vietnam with our guests and make sure that trekking tour is just on point to our individual client.


    Tour operator

    Tran is one of our operators, who make sure to book everything in time at our professional local business partners. She is a very hard working person, who spend most hours of the week working to make sure our clients get the best experience.

  • Marie DOAN

    Commercial Assistant

    The detail oriented and optimistic person in the sales department is said to be Marie. She is a fun-loving person which have a sense for details. You might even have her as your sales representative, and have a specialty in knowing where the good beaches and places to relax can be found.

  • Thuy LE

    Sales Representative

    With her outgoing personality and happy attitude, you will definitely feel in good hands when getting your tailor-made holiday made by Thuy. She loves to interact with people while creating a bond, which she feels add value to her life. A passion of hers are gastronomy and she likes to expand her horizon in the field outside of work.

  • Lea TRUONG

    Sales Representative

    Lea is the social and optimistic person in the sales team. She always try to find the positive side in a situation and do the best to obtain good karma. The nature and the beaches in Vietnam is her favorite places to visit for a holiday and she loves arranging customer trips to these areas.

  • Nhung HUONG

    French Marketing Manager

    As the manager of the French speak markets, Nhung have a lot of knowledge about the French market together with a passion for the French language. She likes to explore the world and secret places around Vietnam to get inspired to improve her culinary skills.

  • Trang TA

    English Marketing Manager

    Trang is very open-minded and detail oriented and has a deep love to Vietnam. Her passion in life is to share Vietnamese culture, maintain traditions and heritages while introducing them to the world. She is therefore the perfect manager for creating context and knowledge to the destinations that we at Hanoi Voyages operates in.

  • Jeanette Kingston

    Chief Executive Officer

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  • Alan Cooper

    Vice President

    Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarks.

  • An THIEU

    Chief Financial Officer

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